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Privacy policy

Personal information privacy policy

Rising Trust Group (hereinafter referred to as “our company”.) stipulates the following “privacy policy”, and will securely manage personal information provided by our customers in order to prevent any leakage, unauthorized use, and alternation of it. We believe the protection of personal information to be an important management task relating to social responsibilities of corporations as well as for the use of personal rights in with all development/ sales operations of real estates.
Our company wishes to establish strong relationships with our customers, and based on the personal information privacy policy stipulated below, we shall appropriately handle personal information provided. By using the services of our company we regard that customers agree with our privacy policy. For this reason we kindly ask that you carefully read the details of the privacy policy below.
“Personal information” in this privacy policy refers to information regarding individuals who are alive and well. This includes name, email addresses as well as other statements, images, voice, numbers given to individuals, and symbols or codes that can identify an individual. Also, “retained personal data” refers to retained personal data stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law.

  • Regarding the acquisition of personal information, our company will clarify the purpose of acquisition within the range of legitimate business. We will acquire as well as use this information in a legitimate and appropriate manner within the necessary ranges for the accomplishment of our goals upon receiving permission from our customers.
  • Regarding personal information, our company will ensure that all members of staff recognize its importance and manage using a logical security control measure in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alternation, and leakage of personal information retained by our company. We will also make sure to maintain security through continuous revisions/ improvement of this measure when necessary.
  • All members of staff of our company understand and will comply with laws relating to protection of personal information as well as other regulations.
  • In the event of entrusting operations relating to data with personal information to an external organization or group, our company will ensure its security based on appropriate management so there is no leakage of information.
  • Regarding the handling of personal information as well as personal information protection system of our company, we will appropriately correspond in the event of receiving complaints/ inquiries from the individual who can be identified by the personal information.
  • Our company will establish a system for the protection of personal information. We will also continue to review and improve by swiftly responding to changes in social environment/ revisions with laws relating to the protection of personal information without notifying our customers. Apart from cases separately stipulated by our company, this shall take effect the moment our company mentions this on our website. Through this we will continue to safely as well as appropriately manage personal information.

Rising Trust Group
President Kazutaka Suzuki
Established on November 11, 2009
Revised on October 1, 2011

Handling of personal information

(1)Handling of personal information

Company shall specify the purpose of use upon handling personal information.

  • The purpose of use of personal information that Company acquires is as follows;
    ① Sending information about services or events
    ② Offer of support and maintenance about real estate
    ③ Correspondence to those inquires or counseling
    ④ Issue of guarantee certificate or offer guarantee services
    ⑤ Offer various membership services
    ⑥ Research or monitor program about real estate development or improvement
    ⑦ Create statistical information material about services
    ⑧ Research or review to improve or plan sales strategy or management policy
    ⑨ Implementation of a contract
    ⑩ Business meeting or discussion with customers
    ⑪ Offer information that Company decided is valuable
  • Personal information about shareholders
    ① Enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligation based on laws
    ② Provision of various convenience (Various hospitality programs)
    ③ Implementation of various measures(Questionnaire and others)
    ④ Management of shareholders based on law(Create shareholders data etc)
  • Personal information of business partners, board members and employees of other companies
    ① Various communication and business meetings required for business operation
    ② Management of business partners information, or Account process for payment or revenue process
  • Personal information that customers outsourced
    ① Implementation of a contract regarding contracted business
  • Personal information about job applicants and retired employee
    ① Offer employment information to or contact with job applicants (including internship)
    ② Management of recruitment service at the Company
    ③ Provision of information and contact to retired employees

(2)Provision of personal information to a third party

There are some cases when the information that Company collected might be provided under the following cases with regard to address, name, phone number, real estate information, contents of correspondences through personal delivery, mails, telephone, internet, emails, advertisings to a third party. Please note that disclosure or provision shall be suspended when the principal of information claims do so. However, there are some cases that we might not be able to meet expectations.

  • Cases in which the principal has given a prior consent to the provision
  • Cases in which the provision is based on laws
  • Cases in which the provision is necessary for protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the principal
  • Cases in which personal information is handled by the third party that Company outsources based on service agreement. In this case, Company shall select outsourcing contractors who are qualified by Company’s standards, and supervise those contractors to secure safety management of personal information to be handled by those contractors or by implementation of a contract handling of personal information.
  • Cases in which business is succeeded by merger, corporate split, transfer of business and other reasons.
  • Cases in which disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties to the extent necessary for the promotion of our business and to achieve the purpose of use.

    < Examples of third parties to which personal information is disclosed and provided >

    • National organizations, local governments, or persons entrusted by them
    • Contractor of a business when we commission business to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use
    • Client of business when we are commissioned to the extent of our business
    • Applicant and prospect of a contract that occurs from the promotion of our business
    • When we advertise in newspapers, magazines, on the Internet, etc. to promote our business, companies and organizations that publish the advertisement
    • Judicial Scrivener etc. who handle registration, etc. arising from the promotion of our business
    • Financial institutions, etc. who handle loans, etc. arising from the promotion of our business
    • Realty companies engaged in real estate brokerage and designated Real Estate Information Network (network designated by the minister of land, infrastructure and transportation based on Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act)
    • Companies belonging to this company group

(3)Disclosure claim procedure

Disclosure claim procedure of Company including notification of use purpose, disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc.) is as follows:

  • Those who can claim information disclosure
    ① Principal
    ② Legal representative if the principal is under age or adult ward
    ③ Proxy whom you entrusted regarding disclosure claim procedure
  • Required document for information disclosure
    ① If you proceed in the name of yourself
    ・Our company given information disclosure form (to be sealed by registered personal seal)
    ・Identity verification documents
    ・Seal registration certificate
    ② If your proxy proceed in the name of proxy
    ・Our company given information disclosure form
    ・Identity verification documents (Both yourself and your proxy)
    ・Our company given proxy statement
  • Contact Information Disclosure
    Rising Trust Co., Ltd. – Personal Information Management Office
  • Fee for information disclosure
    We charge 1,000 Yen (tax included) per request for notification of disclosure/ purpose of use of the personal information of the requesting person.Please enclose with a stamp or postal note.
  • After requested personal information is confirmed as it is your personal information
    including responding method and time disclosure, we will respond in written within reasonable amount of time. If we are not able to respond, we will inform you about the reason.

(4)Contact information about inquires or complaints

Please contact us about any inquires or complaints regarding personal information to the following:

Rising Trust Co., Ltd. – Personal Information Management Office
1-8-11 Rising BLD., Minato,Chou-ku,Tokyo Japan 104-0043
Working hours : 10:00AM 〜 17:00PM (except Saturday, Sunday, National holidays)
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