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Efforts for the elimination of anti-social forces

Rising Trust Group (hereinafter referred to as “our company”.) take on efforts according to the 5 basic principles of (1) responding as an organization, (2) coordinating with external specialized organizations, (3) banning any relations including business transactions, (4) civil as well as criminal legal response in the event of an emergency, and (5) prohibition of secret transactions as well as provision of funds, which are our corporation principles. In addition, we are fully aware of the necessity of a compliance system/ risk management system of regulations corresponding to scales as well as characteristics of operations carried out by our company for sound management. For this we have setup a system for (1) control environment, (2) risk evaluation, (3) control activities, (4) information and communication, and (5) monitoring activities. We also place the ban of relationships with anti-social forces within our internal control system, and diligently work as a group to continue with sound operations.
As part of this our company newly established prohibition articles regarding the use of offices of purchased real estates in accordance with clauses relating to the exclusion of anti-social forces relating to real estate purchase, rental housing, as well as mediation contracts. While there is the principle of freedom of contract until signing an agreement, we will work to terminate contracts in the event the other party takes illegal/ unjust actions or makes statements that are against facts based on the principles of the breakdown of a mutual trust relationship. Through this we will prevent damages caused by anti-social forces. We will ensure all efforts to eliminate damages caused by anti-social forces with a sincere attitude when learning of the other party to be an anti-social force or even when there is doubt about the other party of being an anti-social force by attempting to ban relations and avoiding damages from anti-social forces.
We will also respond as an organization through self support/ mutual support/ public support, understand notifications from the real estate industry/ real estate market organizations, instructions/ notifications from the police department, actively coordinate with external specialist organizations such as bar associations, and make effort to swiftly eliminate anti-social forces.

Rising Trust Group
President Kazutaka Suzuki
Established on April 1, 2012

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