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Maintenance management

Building management that helps asset maintenance

Apart from location and the surrounding environment, the asset value of buildings is determined by factors such as the state of the building, maintenance method, and popularity among tenants. Problems with these factors can be resolved easily, and that is why the accumulation of daily maintenance is crucial. Only a long-term perspective creates a large difference with asset value. It also leads to making it a property with a continuous flow of tenants, serves to secure tenants.

Maintenance of asset value

The asset value of buildings will inevitably drop as time passes. However it will begin to drop rapidly if leaving the condition of the property the way it is. Trust Tatemono enables the long-term maintenance of asset value with daily regular maintenance, and strongly supports apartment management.

  • Facility inspection, maintenance
  • Management union support
  • Proposal of plans with large-scale repairs

Securing safety

The priority of an apartment manager is the safety as well as creating a safe living environment for tenants. Trust Tatemono constantly works to ensure as safe life for tenants.

  • Stationed supervision, supervision by visiting
  • Responding to complaints
  • Maintenance in the case of disasters

A comfortable and convenient living environment

Tenants tend to stay longer if their everyday lives are comfortable and convenient. This becomes the source of a stable income for owners. Trust Tatemono gains popularity with its swift response and clean buildings.

  • Cleaning of shared spaces, maintenance of garbage disposal space
  • Arrangements for repair and restoration

For customers searching for a maintenance company for apartments.
As a reliable partner of apartment management, Trust Tatemono will provide support with maintaining the asset value of our customers.

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